Thursday, July 08, 2010

AA's CEO and How Many Flight Attendants?

AA's CEO Jerard Arpey made 5.6 Million in compensation in 2009.

Entry-level Flight Attendant, flying minimum domestic hours: $20.24/hour, $21,252/year
One CEO = 263 entry-level employees

This article shows just how much money AA's CEO makes compared to one group of front line employees.

See full article from DailyFinance:

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The AA Flight Attendant Numbers are in...

I have been flying with AA for almost 12 years now. I will hit my 12 year anniversary August 8, 2010. It truly is hard to believe how quickly time flies (no pun intended)! Although for all of this time I don't have a whole lot to show for it.

I have been based at three different bases. Starting in SFO, transferring to LAX, MIA and then onto the wild and crazy IMA. I have always been on reserve which meant being at AA's beck and call 3 times a year, every 4th month. I have received pay increases and even though we've had a major concession I at least have never lost any vacation days. I just haven't gained any either!

Perhaps the number below show the reason why at least flights, schedules, etc. have been stagnant for years. In the airline industry, in order to 'move up' or gain seniority is only possible when a company hires new people below you. So through the growing pains, the shrinking, the pay cuts, longer hours, less sleep, less food, etc. I am quickly arriving at my 12th year mark in a job I still love, visiting places I love to explore, working with wonderful people (most of the time) and still 'hanging in there'... Here's to the job of being a flight attendant!
1st Column is year hired
2nd Column is how many remaining from that year
3rd Column is Age of f/a's ub 2010
4th Column How many years with the company
5th Column is what their occupational seniority
1958 2 73 52 1 21960 2 71 50 3 4
1962 11 69 48 5 15
1963 8 68 47 16 23
1964 8 67 46 24 31
1965 26 66 45 32 57
1966 70 65 44 58 128
1967 66 64 43 129 194
1968 140 63 42 195 334
1969 134 62 41 335 4671970 138 61 40 468 605
1971 126 60 39 606 731
1972 150 59 38 732 881
1973 207 58 37 882 1088
1974 48 57 36 1089 1136
1975 112 56 35 1137 1248
1976 285 55 34 1249 1533
1977 176 54 33 1534 1709
1978 286 53 32 1710 1995
1979 447 52 31 1996 2442
1980 104 51 30 2443 25461981 39 50 29 2547 2585
1982 161 49 28 2586 2746
1983 259 48 27 2747 30051984 829 47 26 3006 3834
1985 617 46 25 3835 4451
1986 711 45 24 4452 5162
1987 1150 44 23 5163 6312
1988 1142 43 22 6313 7454
1989 1242 42 21 7455 8696
1990 1026 41 20 8697 9722
1991 1077 40 19 9723 10799
1992 952 39 18 10800 117511993 81 38 17 11752 11832
1994 3 37 16 11833 11835
1995 560 36 15 11836 12395
1996 38 35 14 12396 12433
1997 219 34 13 12434 12652
1998 1122 33 12 12653 13774
1999 1391 32 11 13775 15165
2000 737 31 10 15166 15902
2001 208 30 9 15903 16110 Cut off
Total 14868
127 Fellow AA f/a's are age 65 and older this year
604 Fellow AA f/a's are between the ages 60-64 this year
802 Fellow AA f/a's are between the ages 55-59 this year

Basically just over 1,500 AA f/a's 'qualify' for retirement this year!

We love these amazing professional coworkers, but please know when to say when!
That time is about now, don't you think?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Expecting A Bad Letter? #2 Within the same week...

Sheesh! What a day (trip)!!! I moved past my 'ugly' experience commuting in only the work a LONG, TIRING trip! My signin on the 24th was at 9:15 am. I worked MIA-SDQ (sat for 2 hours), worked SDQ-SJU (although no service was scheduled... it is tough work boarding, customs forms, answering questions, etc), sat another 2 hours (but got in about a hour nap) before working SJU-PHL.

Explored late Philly on a Sat. night w/ the FO and 2 of my coworkers... before watching a late movie in my room before falling asleep from exhaustion. Had a wonderful relaxing layover the following day: working out, doing some shopping at Trader Joe's (my usual hummus, whole grain tortilla chips, dried fruit bars, wheat sourdough bread, pumpkin seeds, sun flower seeds, shampoo, Aussie black licorice, Emergency packets, spinach, Grape jelly, Dark chocolate w/ almonds, Dark Chocolate w/ hazelnuts) I so miss being able to shop there regularly!

After I got back to the hotel I met the crew for dinner at Monks Belgian Cafe 264 South 16th Street Philadelphia, PA 19102-3358 (215) 545-7005

(I usually have Pho, but since almost the entire crew was there I chose to go w/ them. Plus Jay (my local Tico friend, K not really since he only vacations there at his home in Quepos for a few weeks/months) was the Captain for this trip. We had a nice dinner and then after wards we had to check out this chocolatier place that Carlos kept raving about.

Naked Chocolate Cafe - 1317 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA (215) 735-7310

It was really good, like drinking a chocolate bar. I enjoyed the bittersweet after I had the sipping chocolate but it tasted too much of Milk chocolate and they were great to switch it for me. I was hoping it would have been like Chocolate-Cho from Paris, but just wasn't the same so Paris still has the hold on me for their special drink. Anyway, the following morning our 6 am pickup came too quickly.

We had our last passenger get on the plane and somehow misplaced all of her documents including her passport. After taxing and almost to takeoff, she claimed that she wanted off the a/c so we went back to the gate and had her with her 3 carry on bags removed AND her 3 checked bags removed we were off for SJU. We turned the a/c around as quickly as we could in SJU and flew to MIA only to get stuck on the ramp for about 1 hour until our gate opened. Earlier there had been rain storms that 50 flights had to divert and it just backed up the entire a/p. We lost our 3 hour sit time and only had about 1 1/2 hour before we flew on to GCM for a short layover.

It took me awhile to answer my wakeup call the following morning at 5:15am due to working almost 11 hour flying time and being on duty over 14 hours. We flew GCM-MIA-SKB-MIA and then of course I commuted home to SJO being in a complete daze after being awake since 3 am Mountain standard time... I got a 1 1/2 hr nap on my commuter flight home only to have a man almost knock me over when we landed. I sat on the #5 jumpseat (on the 757) for landing and when the seatbelt sign was turned off I had one tote bag on my shoulder and I was holding my other tote bag in the aisle next to seat 5E waiting to get my roller board from the overhead bin above seat 4B when this older man rushes past me to get to the front. I said excuse me as I'm trying to 'pick' myself and my bags off of seat 5E when he turns around and said 'Oh, do you want to go ahead', and I replied 'that it is ok because you are in more of a hurry than me'. After waiting a few minutes for the ramp stand to pull up (remote parking, gotta love it) he asked for my name as he was getting off.

I'm sure I'm going to get another bad letter, now from this rude old man, but I'm sure it won't include me helping the older lady up the steps of the bus.

The immigration line was SO long, it was all the way into the terminal. While talking w/ J he told me about driving home and seeing that a rock/mud slide had hit an armored truck. After waiting over 15 minutes and telling the employees that I didn't work in, they still let me bypass everyone else when I had gotten into the immigration room. I only had to wait about 5 minutes for my bag before going through customs where the irish looking official was very nice and 'chatty' with me. Made up for last time and the rude man on the flight.

These last 2 posts are my way of 'documenting' for when/if I get that call from my supervisor for a meeting.

Expecting A Bad Letter?

I always just try to mind my own business but this past week while commuting it was almost impossible! While waiting for my flight #1058 SJO-MIA 4/23/10 (a night before my scheduled trip) I had just finished eating my salad, yogurt and was putting my bags together when a man across the isle from me in the terminal asked if I would watch his bags. I asked him where he was going and he motioned over to the ticket counter. I told him he need to keep an eye on his bags as he walked away.

When he returned I told him that he didn't know me from Joe or anyone else around him... and that the announcements are made for a reason, you can't trust people. He stated that he had been a police officer for over 30 years and that he had to trust people. I told him that CR had a serious drug problem and that you can't just 'trust' people. He continued to discuss, then argue with me, then saying it is over, but continued to argue. He suggested that I tell the agents and I said that it was ok, then he became more aggressive and wouldn't just let it drop and asked for my name. I said he didn't need my name and that was when I said I was going to tell the agents. As I walked up to the counter this man followed right behind me.

At the desk I said he could speak first and he said he wanted a supervisor. They got him one on the phone. Mr. Herrara (I heard him say) told his side of the story meanwhile I explained the situation to the agents. After I was finished I said if they needed me for anything to let me know. I was going to the restroom. When I was there I called J and just lost it and started crying. I hate confrontations more than anything. I had a good cry and it took me a good 10 minutes to calm down.

I went back to the gate and barely made the flight along w/ one other passenger. I knew some of the flight crew and told them what happened in the terminal and we found out Mr. Herrara was supposed to have been seated in 12D and instead his 'friend' (male) was in that seat and that Mr. Herrara was in 12F. Mildred (the purser) said this same man kept pointing up our way (I was sitting in 7C)... The rest of the flight went without a hitch until later I found out that this man was pleasant throughout the flight and when leaving the aircraft. Another passenger leaving the a/c kind of 'snapped' 'flipped' at the captain when he was trying to help them... Makes me wonder if it is a full moon????

My main concern was that this guy could have been carrying something (drugs) that when he gets his bags checked and is found w/ something that he says I must have put it there since I was 'watching' his bags... Not going to set myself for anything like that!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time Really Does Fly!

It has been way too many months since I've last posted. I have worked many trips, attended sweet memorial services for two of my grandparents, gone on a wonderful Paris vacation with Jowen, attended our Family Reunion all the while forgetting to share the details with you. I have also finally worked another trip to London (last month) that I will write about... so as I start to get 'back into blogging' check back for finally some new stories!

Jowen and I have been very busy working on our new website and business (focusing primarily on sportfishing)

Please check it out! We'd love to hear your feedback!

Grounded for a few days:)!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ever since I came over to the international... I have looked forward to working a trip to Europe. Out of MIA we only have LHR, CDG and MAD. These trips go VERY senior due to the the destination, hi time the trip is worth which makes about the only way I can work one of these trips is to A. Pay $$ to a trip trade service or B. Receive one from the company. I was on ready (meaning that I had to be within 2 hours of MIA) when I received exactly that.. a 2 hour call out to work to LHR. I was sooo excited! So I quickly went through all of my bags... taking out all the the extra liquids or larger than 3oz liquids.. to leave in my locker in MIA.

I worked J (business class aisle) #8. We totally lucked out! Going over I had a total of 7 people (2 of which thought they were in first class therefore asking for everything that we didn't have in J, but in F..) and only 5 on the return. It was a nice break! I worked w/ Marie (600 seniority, bossy but very professional and efficient) and Deb (just here from Boston). It was fun to work w/ them. The rest of the crew were great too! Stacy... (we had flown together about a year ago to LAX domestically) and I went to the Victoria and Albert museum after we woke up from our nap. We walked to a couple of different stores and then relaxed in the pub. I had fish 'n' chips.. which tasted soo good, but since I don't normally eat like that... my tummy hurt later. Oh.. we talked w/ a Quanta's f/a and he taught us that Brit's nickname is Pommie or Pom ( by Aussies.. So. African's..)... No other crew member had heard of that name, but when I asked J.. he was familiar w/ it.

I was sooo tired after dinner that I went to sleep really early. When I got back to MIA... I did some training and then at 7 when I found out I was released for the following day... I quickly checked my bags and caught my flight home.

It was a great Europe trip! I had been to London w/ J... years before... but it had been too long!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Augh... commuting is soo very tiring!!!

I am on call this month and needless to say it has been a pretty good month! I brought time into the month of 15 hours... I have my annual training EPT's which adds 8 hours... I sat Standby (spending 6 hours of unproductive hours at the glorious MIA ops) which I wasn't needed to finally receive a trip for the following day. It was a 2 day SJO which made me sooo happy! J had a fishing trip, but it was still nice to be home. I spend my layover washing the dogs, playing with them, relaxing, cleaning the house and mainly enjoying just being home.

I worked back to MIA and found out that I was released from duty the following day (which was yesterday). I arrived too late to make the last flight to SJO so I spend the night at my friend's cottage. I washed the car, did some shopping all before I tried to catch the noon flight home. Flight 937 an airbus ended up having a LONG mechanical. It was the same a/c the the entire crew had brought in from PTY (Pananma) and was fine until some checks were done. A decision was made to board the a/c... I was on the j/s due to an entirely full flight. In fact when I was checking in... a french lady was extremely upset that I was even getting on the flight. I explained that I was taking a crew seat, that only crew were authorized to use... and sheesh if looks could kill... I never would have made it!

It took over 3 hours for frustrations, anger, weariness, etc. to have someone make a decision to get a different a/c. The agents were nice enough to give all 266 passengers $10 food vouchers while we moved to a different a/c. We ended up getting home at 6 instead of the original 2pm. What a long day (& I didn't even work)!

I'm now relaxing and just chillin!

Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 New Years... Sao Paulo Brasil

What better way to bring in the New Year in Sao Paulo... than being where it all happens... On Paulista! We all met around 7pm after I had a small workout... had fun relaxing and getting to know everyone better in room 1017 with snacks and drinks. Then we ventured out towards Paulista. We had to walk 5-6 blocks down the same street of our hotel before we could find an open entrance to Paulista and the concert. We had to go through a security check where people (mainly guys) were checked and patted down for weapons, glass bottles and the like. Then on Paulista we joined the crowds toward the main stage. At a few points it was very, very crowded and rowdy but we held hands.. or linked arms and made like snake through the crowd. When we saw 2 girls start a fight we immediately went the opposite direction to get away... we decided to go towards the stage, but near a side street so we had an exit if we needed one quickly. We got to dance in the street to local bands playing local music as well as songs we all knew (from the 80's .... think 'We are the World' etc. ).

Sao Paulo had a great countdown... and at 2009 12:00 fireworks went off of buildings all over the place for at least 20-25 minutes. It was a beautiful firework show to music, meanwhile silver confetti filled the air. Afterwards we walked to the hotel and met up w/ 2 other crews (some who had just gotten in...) caught everyone up w/ the festivities and enjoyed the night...