Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Augh... commuting is soo very tiring!!!

I am on call this month and needless to say it has been a pretty good month! I brought time into the month of 15 hours... I have my annual training EPT's which adds 8 hours... I sat Standby (spending 6 hours of unproductive hours at the glorious MIA ops) which I wasn't needed to finally receive a trip for the following day. It was a 2 day SJO which made me sooo happy! J had a fishing trip, but it was still nice to be home. I spend my layover washing the dogs, playing with them, relaxing, cleaning the house and mainly enjoying just being home.

I worked back to MIA and found out that I was released from duty the following day (which was yesterday). I arrived too late to make the last flight to SJO so I spend the night at my friend's cottage. I washed the car, did some shopping all before I tried to catch the noon flight home. Flight 937 an airbus ended up having a LONG mechanical. It was the same a/c the the entire crew had brought in from PTY (Pananma) and was fine until some checks were done. A decision was made to board the a/c... I was on the j/s due to an entirely full flight. In fact when I was checking in... a french lady was extremely upset that I was even getting on the flight. I explained that I was taking a crew seat, that only crew were authorized to use... and sheesh if looks could kill... I never would have made it!

It took over 3 hours for frustrations, anger, weariness, etc. to have someone make a decision to get a different a/c. The agents were nice enough to give all 266 passengers $10 food vouchers while we moved to a different a/c. We ended up getting home at 6 instead of the original 2pm. What a long day (& I didn't even work)!

I'm now relaxing and just chillin!

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