Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 New Years... Sao Paulo Brasil

What better way to bring in the New Year in Sao Paulo... than being where it all happens... On Paulista! We all met around 7pm after I had a small workout... had fun relaxing and getting to know everyone better in room 1017 with snacks and drinks. Then we ventured out towards Paulista. We had to walk 5-6 blocks down the same street of our hotel before we could find an open entrance to Paulista and the concert. We had to go through a security check where people (mainly guys) were checked and patted down for weapons, glass bottles and the like. Then on Paulista we joined the crowds toward the main stage. At a few points it was very, very crowded and rowdy but we held hands.. or linked arms and made like snake through the crowd. When we saw 2 girls start a fight we immediately went the opposite direction to get away... we decided to go towards the stage, but near a side street so we had an exit if we needed one quickly. We got to dance in the street to local bands playing local music as well as songs we all knew (from the 80's .... think 'We are the World' etc. ).

Sao Paulo had a great countdown... and at 2009 12:00 fireworks went off of buildings all over the place for at least 20-25 minutes. It was a beautiful firework show to music, meanwhile silver confetti filled the air. Afterwards we walked to the hotel and met up w/ 2 other crews (some who had just gotten in...) caught everyone up w/ the festivities and enjoyed the night...

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