Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Expecting A Bad Letter?

I always just try to mind my own business but this past week while commuting it was almost impossible! While waiting for my flight #1058 SJO-MIA 4/23/10 (a night before my scheduled trip) I had just finished eating my salad, yogurt and was putting my bags together when a man across the isle from me in the terminal asked if I would watch his bags. I asked him where he was going and he motioned over to the ticket counter. I told him he need to keep an eye on his bags as he walked away.

When he returned I told him that he didn't know me from Joe or anyone else around him... and that the announcements are made for a reason, you can't trust people. He stated that he had been a police officer for over 30 years and that he had to trust people. I told him that CR had a serious drug problem and that you can't just 'trust' people. He continued to discuss, then argue with me, then saying it is over, but continued to argue. He suggested that I tell the agents and I said that it was ok, then he became more aggressive and wouldn't just let it drop and asked for my name. I said he didn't need my name and that was when I said I was going to tell the agents. As I walked up to the counter this man followed right behind me.

At the desk I said he could speak first and he said he wanted a supervisor. They got him one on the phone. Mr. Herrara (I heard him say) told his side of the story meanwhile I explained the situation to the agents. After I was finished I said if they needed me for anything to let me know. I was going to the restroom. When I was there I called J and just lost it and started crying. I hate confrontations more than anything. I had a good cry and it took me a good 10 minutes to calm down.

I went back to the gate and barely made the flight along w/ one other passenger. I knew some of the flight crew and told them what happened in the terminal and we found out Mr. Herrara was supposed to have been seated in 12D and instead his 'friend' (male) was in that seat and that Mr. Herrara was in 12F. Mildred (the purser) said this same man kept pointing up our way (I was sitting in 7C)... The rest of the flight went without a hitch until later I found out that this man was pleasant throughout the flight and when leaving the aircraft. Another passenger leaving the a/c kind of 'snapped' 'flipped' at the captain when he was trying to help them... Makes me wonder if it is a full moon????

My main concern was that this guy could have been carrying something (drugs) that when he gets his bags checked and is found w/ something that he says I must have put it there since I was 'watching' his bags... Not going to set myself for anything like that!!!!

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