Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Expecting A Bad Letter? #2 Within the same week...

Sheesh! What a day (trip)!!! I moved past my 'ugly' experience commuting in only the work a LONG, TIRING trip! My signin on the 24th was at 9:15 am. I worked MIA-SDQ (sat for 2 hours), worked SDQ-SJU (although no service was scheduled... it is tough work boarding, customs forms, answering questions, etc), sat another 2 hours (but got in about a hour nap) before working SJU-PHL.

Explored late Philly on a Sat. night w/ the FO and 2 of my coworkers... before watching a late movie in my room before falling asleep from exhaustion. Had a wonderful relaxing layover the following day: working out, doing some shopping at Trader Joe's (my usual hummus, whole grain tortilla chips, dried fruit bars, wheat sourdough bread, pumpkin seeds, sun flower seeds, shampoo, Aussie black licorice, Emergency packets, spinach, Grape jelly, Dark chocolate w/ almonds, Dark Chocolate w/ hazelnuts) I so miss being able to shop there regularly!

After I got back to the hotel I met the crew for dinner at Monks Belgian Cafe 264 South 16th Street Philadelphia, PA 19102-3358 (215) 545-7005

(I usually have Pho, but since almost the entire crew was there I chose to go w/ them. Plus Jay (my local Tico friend, K not really since he only vacations there at his home in Quepos for a few weeks/months) was the Captain for this trip. We had a nice dinner and then after wards we had to check out this chocolatier place that Carlos kept raving about.

Naked Chocolate Cafe - 1317 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA (215) 735-7310

It was really good, like drinking a chocolate bar. I enjoyed the bittersweet after I had the sipping chocolate but it tasted too much of Milk chocolate and they were great to switch it for me. I was hoping it would have been like Chocolate-Cho from Paris, but just wasn't the same so Paris still has the hold on me for their special drink. Anyway, the following morning our 6 am pickup came too quickly.

We had our last passenger get on the plane and somehow misplaced all of her documents including her passport. After taxing and almost to takeoff, she claimed that she wanted off the a/c so we went back to the gate and had her with her 3 carry on bags removed AND her 3 checked bags removed we were off for SJU. We turned the a/c around as quickly as we could in SJU and flew to MIA only to get stuck on the ramp for about 1 hour until our gate opened. Earlier there had been rain storms that 50 flights had to divert and it just backed up the entire a/p. We lost our 3 hour sit time and only had about 1 1/2 hour before we flew on to GCM for a short layover.

It took me awhile to answer my wakeup call the following morning at 5:15am due to working almost 11 hour flying time and being on duty over 14 hours. We flew GCM-MIA-SKB-MIA and then of course I commuted home to SJO being in a complete daze after being awake since 3 am Mountain standard time... I got a 1 1/2 hr nap on my commuter flight home only to have a man almost knock me over when we landed. I sat on the #5 jumpseat (on the 757) for landing and when the seatbelt sign was turned off I had one tote bag on my shoulder and I was holding my other tote bag in the aisle next to seat 5E waiting to get my roller board from the overhead bin above seat 4B when this older man rushes past me to get to the front. I said excuse me as I'm trying to 'pick' myself and my bags off of seat 5E when he turns around and said 'Oh, do you want to go ahead', and I replied 'that it is ok because you are in more of a hurry than me'. After waiting a few minutes for the ramp stand to pull up (remote parking, gotta love it) he asked for my name as he was getting off.

I'm sure I'm going to get another bad letter, now from this rude old man, but I'm sure it won't include me helping the older lady up the steps of the bus.

The immigration line was SO long, it was all the way into the terminal. While talking w/ J he told me about driving home and seeing that a rock/mud slide had hit an armored truck. After waiting over 15 minutes and telling the employees that I didn't work in, they still let me bypass everyone else when I had gotten into the immigration room. I only had to wait about 5 minutes for my bag before going through customs where the irish looking official was very nice and 'chatty' with me. Made up for last time and the rude man on the flight.

These last 2 posts are my way of 'documenting' for when/if I get that call from my supervisor for a meeting.

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