Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ever since I came over to the international... I have looked forward to working a trip to Europe. Out of MIA we only have LHR, CDG and MAD. These trips go VERY senior due to the the destination, hi time the trip is worth which makes about the only way I can work one of these trips is to A. Pay $$ to a trip trade service or B. Receive one from the company. I was on ready (meaning that I had to be within 2 hours of MIA) when I received exactly that.. a 2 hour call out to work to LHR. I was sooo excited! So I quickly went through all of my bags... taking out all the the extra liquids or larger than 3oz liquids.. to leave in my locker in MIA.

I worked J (business class aisle) #8. We totally lucked out! Going over I had a total of 7 people (2 of which thought they were in first class therefore asking for everything that we didn't have in J, but in F..) and only 5 on the return. It was a nice break! I worked w/ Marie (600 seniority, bossy but very professional and efficient) and Deb (just here from Boston). It was fun to work w/ them. The rest of the crew were great too! Stacy... (we had flown together about a year ago to LAX domestically) and I went to the Victoria and Albert museum after we woke up from our nap. We walked to a couple of different stores and then relaxed in the pub. I had fish 'n' chips.. which tasted soo good, but since I don't normally eat like that... my tummy hurt later. Oh.. we talked w/ a Quanta's f/a and he taught us that Brit's nickname is Pommie or Pom ( by Aussies.. So. African's..)... No other crew member had heard of that name, but when I asked J.. he was familiar w/ it.

I was sooo tired after dinner that I went to sleep really early. When I got back to MIA... I did some training and then at 7 when I found out I was released for the following day... I quickly checked my bags and caught my flight home.

It was a great Europe trip! I had been to London w/ J... years before... but it had been too long!


Roxanne said...

Just wanted you to know that I am keeping up with you- I don't always leave comments, but I'm always excited to read about your adventures! Love you!

Mr. Findlay said...

First of all, let me say thanks for commenting on my blog. I am honored. Secondly I'm JEALOUS! I'm SO ready to get into the airlines (mentally anyway) and that's what I'm working towards. I would love to hear anything you can tell me about the industry. And of course if you've got any pilot friends who may be willing to take me under their wing (figure of speech). It's good to hear from you. I'm excited for you that you went to England. I was there for a while you know. 2 years to be precise... ahh such memories. Anyway, anything you know, I'd love to know.