Friday, October 24, 2008

Take Flight..

As I was commuting in today... I sat in the very last row in seat 37H next to a nice guy (Greg) from west FLL area. He was originally from upstate NY, then moved to Puerto Rico and was raised there... We had a great discussion about Costa Rica, VZ, and Puerto Rico.

He told me all about the customs and traditions of the Puerto Ricans. Mainly stating that they take their friendships VERY seriously. Extremely loyal to one another... but when you double cross a friend.. that anger is extreme anger. He also told me about many of the different municipalities and how each one will have a week long celebration... so every week throughout the year, there are at least 3 parties to choose from. Also 2 weeks (I think) in December about 100 people or so... will get together and go over to someone's house that isn't w/ the group... knock on the door and waking up the household. Then the owners of the house will prepare and offer food and drinks for the guests until all the amenities are gone...THEN they move on to the next house and repeat the process.

Nice guy... has wife and 8 year old son (who is going to be Obi-Wan Kenobi for Halloween). It was a nice and different way to pass the time.

We hit clear air turbulence. 2 men walking up the aisle returning to their seats literally caught air. I saw them both fly up. I grabbed the man closest to me and shoved him into the open seat across the aisle. He was shaking! The flight attendants at the back of the a/c all took their seats and yelled and held down the passengers that were in the back area. Luckily no one was seriously injured, just Shaken! The captain came over the PA a few minutes later and apologized.. stating there was no indication and nothing on the radar regarding the turbulence.

What a ride! Drinks spilling, people yelling, women AND men screaming, white knuckles... all when we took flight.


Janet said...

Sounds exciting...but not exactly in a good way! {I personally love turbulence, but maybe not THAT much!}

Roxanne said...

How fun for you-making new friends and learning so much in your work! We miss you so much here in Idaho! Thanks for the memories and take care Sweetie! Love ya!