Thursday, October 09, 2008

Commuting.... It just became a little crazier!!!

Well, today definitely was a first in my commuting career. In order to 'cover' myself (meaning I don't get harassed) I have to allow myself the opportunity to get to work within 2 flights. Today... I was planning on taking the middle flight of the day... leaving SJO @ 11:55am arriving into MIA @ 4:50pm. My flight didn't signin until 7:05pm. (REMEMBER.... I don't get paid until I'm on the a/c and the door is shut... MOST IMPORTANT) I thought this would be a good option....

If I couldn't make it on this flight.. then I could always take the next flight that would get me in right before signin. When I was about 1 hour from leaving home to go to the airport I decided to check the status of the inbound a/c. I was speechless at first when I saw...CXCL... meaning that my 2nd flight (backup) no longer existed AND my 1st option was delayed to just before signin.

I immediately called crew schedule to inform them that I was trying to commute in and that I would make the flight (if all went well...) but would most likely miss signin due to having to clear customs and the flight running VERY late. As I sat at the a/p waiting and watching the status of the flight... it was becoming later and later. In my mind I kept thinking... if it gets too late.. I won't even go. Why fly to MIA only to miss my 4 day trip? I really wanted to fly the trip due to it being an easy (relative.... when u hear the destinations) 20 hour 4 day.

The flight finally came in and the SJO crew turned it around pretty quick. We left SJO with an arrival around 7:20pm.... allowing me possibly just enough time to clear customs, security and run to the gate.

Well here I am in CCS... writing this... to tell you I made it with only signing in 6 minutes late... (that was after clearing customs)... it is still to be determined how much of a chore it is going to be to get the late signin removed... That adventure will come at a later date! We landed earlier than expected... at 6:55pm. I worked 1 leg into CCS...(remember don't mention...Chavez time... I'll tell you about that in another post) laying over and here is the rest of my schedule...

10th CCS-MIA-MAR (Maracaibo VZ)
11th MAR-MIA-MBJ-MIA-MBJ (Montego Bay)
12th MBJ-MIA (back in time to catch my noon flight home)

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