Monday, October 20, 2008

Hands Down... The U.S. has the BEST BEDS!!!!!

Well folks.... one thing I have learned from my travels internationally is that if you sleep better on a soft bed, you are just plain outta luck unless u have enough pillows and a creative mind. While flying domestically, I knew that if I was laying over at a Holiday Inn I was not going to get a good night sleep. HARD beds! If you are the type of person that loves a hard bed then go on vacation to most anywhere outside the US and you'll get a good night sleep. I swear, whether you are in Central America, South America, at swanky hotels and not so nice... 75% of the time (at least) you were not going to get a soft bed.

I know myself... if I don't get enough sleep I can become a bit grouchy... so if I just happen to have extra pillows... I make my own pillow top bed. It really works... I sleep like a baby (of course in the fetal position since the bed becomes VERY small)!


Roxanne said...

Too funny! And too true! I went to Europe twice with Camerata and the beds were either rock hard or they were super, super soft feather bed tops! I love vicariously following you on your travels!

steph said...

Aw... thnx! I miss you so!