Friday, October 10, 2008

Maracaibo VZ Passengers....

I just had to get this down.... In just my 6 months of flying internationally, I would have to say that the destination I have visited the most would be Maracaibo and Caracas Venezuela. These flights used to be the most dreaded... and still are avoidable by most flight crews at all cost.

The reason isn't just the governmental instability, but the flights really are hard to work. The flights from MIA are usually under 3 hours and we do a complete beverage/meal service. The people are a bit demanding and can be a little demeaning, but my entire purpose for writing about this is my flight tonight.

We had 16 people in F and 155 in Y... this meant that w/ 6 flight attendants whom were a great crew things went smoothly. A co-worker of mine helps collect money for UNICEF. This organization collects money and helps poor children all over the world. This particular flight often doesn't have anyone collecting... due to the short flying time and most collections are completed on transatlantic flights. This evening my dear coworker was able to collect over $250.00 US and 25,000 bolivar (this didn't even include the coin)! We were amazed at how generous the VZ people were. Many donated $1, $5, a few $10 and even 3 $20.

So tonight my kudos goes out to the wonderful people of Maracaibo! May we all learn a lesson of giving from them!

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Heather said...

It's nice to know there are still caring, generous people left in this crazy world! I tagged you on my blog, go take a look!