Monday, August 18, 2008

Someone stole my gift!!!!

The other day traveling from MIA to BOS (don't know the airport city codes????)  a young couple getting off the plane said 'Someone stole my gift'!  To understand the bizarre situation I have to start at the beginning.  
While taxing in MIA a boy around the age of 7 or 8 needed to use the lavatory in the rear of the a/c.  Approximately 5 minutes later a man, whom we later found out was the boys father, went to the aft lavatory.  It took the captain coming over the PA stating that we were next in line to take off and needed all passengers to be seated before we could take off. forward....  we have landed and we are taxing to the gate in BOS.  This same little boy is walking up and down the aisle near his seat.  After ignoring the request to return to his seat I walked back to the boys seat and politely requested the boy sit down with his seatbelt on.  After returning to my seat, the same boy popped right back up as if he had ants in his pants!  

While everyone was getting off the a/c behind this family with the boy, a young couple told me that someone had taken the items out of a gift box from their carryon luggage.  After a short discussion we figured it was the family with the 'anxious' boy.  Due to the FAA the flight crew wasn't able to get off the a/c so the couple went to go look for the family.  They found them waiting for a stroller on the jetbridge and confronted them.  

Next thing we know the mother of the family is back on the aircraft, coming up the aisle with a gold ribbon, black velvet sachet, and gleaming silver serving utensils.  Both the young couple and myself were just amazed at the audacity of that family!  

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