Friday, November 28, 2008

DNF List

DNF.... This little acronym is starting to take a VERY important part in my life at work. Can you guess what it means? I'll give you a little hint with how a trip went about 3 weeks ago.

This is part of my last posting... that happened on Nov. 10th... I had a co-worker of mine who just happened to commute from a VERY long distance (ok it was Australia) and during our LONG delay on the 10th he had an issue with a passenger. He stated to us, agents, captain and whoever else would listen that either 'That lady goes or I go'. Well no one really knew what the lady had done... so the captain and everyone else decided to let her go... this particular coworker (f/a) decided that he was going to go too.

The next day we had our departure pushed back REALLY late and finally when we were on our way... this is what took place:
During boarding I asked this long distance commuter if he was going to direct (help people find their seats) and he responded that he only spoke English and therefore wasn't going to direct.

After takeoff the FO wasn't feeling well and he pulled the #5 (galley f/a) into the cockpit because it was an emergency. I had just brought up the 2nd pickup cart to the mid galley when my friend f/a #5 Jamie asked if I could go into the cockpit quickly because the captain too wasn't feeling very well. I went right up into the cockpit. I was up there for at least 5 minutes. When I came out, my coworkers had already started the service and were halfway finished. I asked if help was needed and was told to just pickup. This LD commuter came up to f/c and slammed the customs forms on the counter and said "Why don't you do these, since you are sooo good at it" and walked away.

I picked up one side of m/c and was about to complete the other side when the LD commuter insisted that he pick up. I said ok... In the meantime of picking up.... Jamie had already passed out the customs forms. We also had a passenger who was drinking wine. We comped him 2 bottles and I charged him for the additional 3 due to the delay. Towards the end of the flight I was changing the videos and this LD commuter spoke across the f/c aisle... telling me that he needed to speak to me, 'NOW'. I walked up front and this guy who stands at least 5'9 or so... asked if I was going to meet w/ my supervisor when we got in... due to my late signins... and I said yes. He said we could go together.... I said ok..

Then what happened next totally caught my off guard. He began yelling at me... (in front of the #1 & #5) telling me I was the most uncooperative f/a in 20 years. I didn't do what I was told ( When I said this is not the time nor the place for this... can we talk about this later w/ our supervisor)... he laid into me saying it was 'all about me'... etc. At that point I knew there was nothing I could do, but wait until he was finished....

After he finally left... I was visibly upset... shaking, trying not to cry, etc. My other coworkers tried to help me calm down. I tried to avoid him the rest of the flight... until the end. Another coworker who worked for TWA for 35 years and AA for 6-7 years had talked to him... he apologized to me.

So with this story being told.... in my 7 months of flying IMA (Miami International) and having 3 BAD experiences w/ coworkers.... I have created a DNF... this acronym if you haven't guessed yet means... DO NOT FLY list!

BTW I did talk w/ my supervisor later that evening about this incident. I have to say that in 10+ years of flying I finally have a supervisor that is professional, smart, compassionate, etc. She stated she was going to have all options available to this person to get help. She also apologized for his behavior!. She also removed my 2 late signins... All I can say is that I'm happy to finally have a decent supervisor at AA and some f/a's really are CRAZY!

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Roxanne said...

whoooo-eeee! What a trip! Y'know I think most people just think of the "glamour" of being a f/a- but as with any other service type job- it can be extremely stressful! Bless your heart- I just wanna come and "take care of that bully"! Love reading and following your jaunts! Take care and hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Love ya! Roxanne